Cotfix D series - Economical Dyestuff for dyeing deep shades


A Special class of dyestuff exclusively for Exhaust Dyeing

Cotton Textile materials in the form of yarn, knit goods and small batches of woven fabric may seldom be dyed in continuous machines. Exceptionally dark and bright shades (some times dyeing impractical 20% depth) for striped yarn dyed shirts, suiting’s, bright dark hosiery fabrics and garments require a special economic class of dyestuff to avoid facing handling and processing problems. The high cost of production and troubles in reproducibility have become the routine problem of a dyer, when using normal Vinyl sulphone dyestuffs for very dark shades.

Nuchem Dyestuffs P Ltd has come out with an excellent solution to face out all the above problems. Cotfix-D is a special class of dyestuff with multifunctional chemistry that may exclusively be used for exhaust dyeing of dark and very dark brilliant shades ECONOMICALLY.