Cotfix High Exhaust (HE) dyes – Most suitable for garment dyeing!

Cotfix HE dyes are basically bis monochlorotriazine reactive dyes with low reactivity and high substantivity. These dyes are characterized by high but slow exhaustion and high fixation values. Washing off of dyed goods is easier due to higher fixation.

Due to the high fixation (85% and more) pollution problems are also minimized since the drained liquor contains minimal of unfixed dyes.

Cotfix Vinylsulphone dyes can be dyed at 60°C in any one of the following exhaust dyeing methods:

Our cyanuric chloride based; Cotfix 'H' brand dyes forms various chemical linkage with hydroxyl groups of cellulose. These dyes are low substantive and high fixation dyes most suitable for dyeing and printing of cotton, viscose, cuprammonium rayon and natural silk. The dyeing temperature is 80°C.

  • Yellow HE4G/81
  • Yellow HE6G/135
  • Yellow HE4R/84
  • Golden Yellow HER/84A
  • Orange HER/84
  • Orange HE2R/84A
  • Red HE3B/120
  • Red HE5B
  • Red HE7B/141
  • Red HE8B/152
  • Green HE4B/19
  • Green HE4BD/19A
  • Navy Blue HER/171
  • Navy Blue HE2R/172
  • Blue HERD/160
  • Blue HEGN/198
  • Black HEBL
  • Better reproducibility and hence batch to batch variation is minimized.
  • High tinctorial value due to excellent build up properties
  • Eco friendly due to higher fixation values.
  • Better fastness properties.
  • Wide range of application since it is suitable for all types of cellulosic materials like yarn, fiber, piece dyeing and garments.

Cotfix HE dyes are most suitable for garment dyeing, because of their high exhaustion and fixation properties at higher temperature (80°C) that facilitate uniform and level dyeing of stitched garments on all its parts like collar, scuffs and stitched yarn. Moreover because these dyes posses outstanding fastness characters when compared to other class of reactive dyes.

These dyes are most suitable for exhaust dyeing and in particular in that machinery where you can easily achieve and maintain the 80°C on the fabric.